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Water Filtration & Softening Plant
Dual Media Filters and Softening - DMF & SOF

Product Details

Description Appication
Product Range Available 1 M3/Hour to 100 M3/Hour and Above.
Material of construction Stainless Steel - 316, 304, Fiber Glass (FRP) and Mild Steel with Rubber Line
Filtering Media Pebbles, Gravels, Quartz Silica, Fine Sand, Activated Carbon
Ion Exchange Resin NA + Strong Acid Cation Resin
System Operation Manual and Fully Automatic Operation available

Dual Media Filter - DMF

Such filter uses for removal of Turbidity from the raw water as well as the same remove the Suspended Solids. This will provide initial Treatment to the basic raw water and its First stage of Filtration Process.

These filter also having the Granule Activated Carbon which removes Color, Odor and Metallic Impurities, Organic and Inorganic and Residual Chlorine content from Municipal Supplies or any Source of water.

Water Softener - SOF

Such system used for Hardness removal and generally it's identified as water Conditioner. As Raw water carries Ca and Mg ion which create the Total Hardness in the raw water which is very harm full for Drinking and any other Application. Many diseases occur due such impurities and same can be treated by water softening.

Water filtration Plant

15.0 M3 / Hr. Water filtration Plant for township and communities supply

Water Filtration System for breweries

80.0 M3 / Hr. Water Filtration System for breweries, Swimming Pool Filtration, Water Park,
Resort and other application to treat river / Lake water

Water Filtration Plant
Water Softening Plant
Water Softening Plant

Raw Water Pump, PSF, ACF and Softener

High Flow Rate PSF and ACF for Filtration

High Flow Rate PSF and ACF for Filtration

Filtration System with Softening Plant

3.0 M3 / Hr. Filtration System with Softening Plant.

Water Filtration Plant