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Soft Drink Project

Soft Drink Project

Automatic Carbonation system for Soft Drink and Club Soda Production

Soft drink and Soda Plant

PHE with Carbonator for Clube Soda

The carbonator works on the film flow principle. A very fine film of liquid is created and allowed to flow over specially contoured film plates.

During this flow, liquid is exposed to carbon-dioxide gas at carbonation pressure, and when it reaches the bottom level of the carbonation chamber, it is fully saturated.

There is adjustable nozzle provided on top of the tank by which flow rate can be controlled.

A liquid level gauge glass assembly with electronic level control probe is provided. The control panel is supplied and built on same frame of carbonator.

The control panel houses, HP and LP gas regulator with indicator gauges. Electronic pressure transducer controlled Diaphragm valve to regulate gas flow. Complete electric system alongwith built in alarm system and pressure controller for gas and only temperature indicator as one unit.

Soft drink and Soda Plant

Semi-Automatic Washing, Filling, Capping for Soda