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R.O. System
Product Capacity - 0.5 M3 / Hr. - 100 M3 / Hr

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant is extensively used for removal of dissolved chemical contamination from brackish & seawater. The offered range of Reverse Osmosis is a technology that is worn to eliminate a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing the water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. In this process of Reverse Osmosis Plant the dissolved ions present in the water are removed. In reverse osmosis, pressure is wielded on the side with the concentrated solution to force the water molecules across the membrane to the fresh water side. Reverse osmosis is the process of forcing a solvent from a region of high dissolve solids awareness through a membrane to a region of low dissolve solids concentration by applying a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure. The semi permeable membranes worn for reverse osmosis have a solid polymer barrier layer in which partition takes place.

Reverse Osmosis System

In RO (Reverse Osmosis) system the water purification process takes when it is pre-treated and filtered water is connected to the high-pressure pump where the pressure is developed and fed to the RO membranes. Purified water is referred to as product and waste water is referred to as concentrate or reject. We bring an eminent collection of RO system that is roughly used for copious drinking water applications in the industry. This water plant is manufactured using excellent quality components and the most recent technology by our skilled professionals. Our provided water plant is accessible in numerous sizes and shapes that are as per the necessities of our customers. Besides, offered water plant is availed to our customer at reasonable rates.

Sources of Water GIECL Treatment Scheme
Deep Well Water / Bore Hole Water Chlorination, Pretreatment, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Open Well Water / River Water / Lake Water Chlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Sea Water Chlorination, Pretreatment, UF System, De-Salination, R.O. System, Flushing & Cleaning System
Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturer in india

Treatment Schemes

Description Appication
Chlorination Dosing System For Yeast & Mould and Microbiological impurities
Raw Water Pump For Supply the Raw Water to System
Pressure Sand Filter For Suspended Impurities & Turbidity Removal
De - Chlorination Dosing System For Chlorine removal
Activated Carbon Filter For Chlorine, Color, Odor Removal
Sp. Anti Scalent Dosing System For De-Scaling of R.O. System
Micron Cartridge Filter - Online For Micron Impurities removal
High Pressure Pump For High Pressure and Flow to R.O. System
Reverse Osmosis System For TDS removal @ 99.5 % salt rejection
Ultra Violet Sterilizer - Online For Bacteria and virus Removal
Flushing & Cleaning System For R.O. Cleaning

These systems are designed for any application that requires high output Reverse Osmosis equipment. We can also customize these units as per the feed water parameters, whether it be Bore well or brackish Water.

All of the components are of the highest quality, and arranged on a single compact frame, for maximum utilization of space. The equipment's can be custom designed to work with feed water that contains up to 50,000 parts per million of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids.)

The Chlorinated Water will help to remove Microbiological Impurities such as Yeast and Mold - Alge formation or any other Bacteriological Contamination

After Chlorination water will be passing though Multi Grade Sand Filtration and Granule Activated Carbon Filter which help to remove suspended Impurities Turbidity, Color, Odor and Organic Impurities.

After First Stage of Filtration Water will be passing through Micron Filtration and Reverse Osmosis System which help to remove chemical impurities such as Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Arsenic, Iron, Fluoride, Chloride, Sulphate or any other Harmful / Toxic Content of Source Water.

After R.O. System source water converts in to Portable Water which has lower TDS. The R.O. Product Water will be free from all types of chemical impurities present in to the source water.

The R.O. Product Water will be store in to S.S. 316 Sanitary type Product Water Storage Tank.

GIECL is Supplied Following Make

Vessel :- S.S. - 316, M.S.R.L, FRP - PENTAIR USA
R.O. Membrane :- Hydranautics / Dow: - All Made in USA
Pumping System :- Grundfoss
Pressure Tube :- Pentair / Eco line
Dosing System :- Edose / Grundfoss
Piping and Fittings :- uPVC Lead Free / S.S. - 316
RO System Manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturers
Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant Manufacturers

67.0 M3 / Hr. First Pass and 50 M3 / Hr. Second Pass Fully Automatic Most Advanced featured RO System
for ultra-pure water generation using ultra Sonic flow meters, online pH & TDS controller,
VFD driven Grundfos Pump with full HMI Controlled PLC Panel

Reverse Osmosis Plant

40 M3 / Hr. Fully Automatic Most Advanced featured RO System for ultra-pure water generation using
ultra Sonic flow meters, online pH & TDS controller, VFD driven Grundfos
Pump with full HMI Controlled PLC Panel