Purified Water Generation System in pharmaceutical industry

Purified Water Generation System

Pharmaceutical Purified Water Generation and Distribution System

Mineral Water Plant recognized firm engaged in offering finest range of Purified Water Generation System. This system is made to get the purified water from the salt water or any other dirt water. Purified Water Generation System is both for consumption and pharmaceutical units. With the help of these system harmful chemicals, salts, impurities and other suspended particles are eliminated from water to make it pure, safe and consistent in quality. We are engaged in offering system of pure water generation which is in compliance with the USFDA & European validation standards. In different industry, each and every industry is looking for different type of Purified Water Generation System, so Mineral Water Plant Manufacturer is engaged in offering the esteem customers with wide range and as per the modification required by them. We also offer installation and after sales services through an in house team of technical experts.

Aqua Purificata is a necessary untreated material known for Purified Water. This Aqua Purificata is widely used in large capacity regularly when required. It is produced on-site, directly from the potable water that is accessible. The purity criteria are defined in the monographs of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.), as well as the United Stated Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia (ChP), set out clear thresholds for purified water quality at the point of use. Since conductivity is changed by adding CO2, it is also worth using measures such as CO2 traps for tank ventilation in the storage and distribution system, for example.

    USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) Ph. Eur.(European Pharmacopoeia) ChP(Chinese Pharmacopoeia)
TOC ppm C ≤ 0.50 ≤ 0.50 Same as Ph. Eur.
Conductivity µS/cm ≤ 1.3 (25°C) ≤ 4.3 (20°C) Same as Ph. Eur.
Nitrate (NO3)   - ≤ 0.2 ppm ≤ 0.000006%
Heavy metals        
- ≤ 0.1 ppm Pb ≤ 0.00001%    


GIECL provides complete Solution for Water treatment as per the Tailor-made requirements.

Pure Water Generation System

The above scheme will explain the different stage of purification and quality Raw Water Passed to Pre-treatment; First Pass Chemical Canalizable R.O. System followed by Second Pass Hot Water R.O. System with EDI system for High Purity water

GIECL Having Following Make

FRP Vessel

Pentair USA

R.O. Membrane

Hydranautics / Dow: - All Made in USA

Pumping System Grundfoss
Pressure Tube


Dosing System Grundfoss
Piping and Fittings uPVC – Astral / S.S. – 316 – Rensa Tube
EDI System Electropure – Ion Pure – Qua

Treatment Schemes

Application Treatment Scheme Product Water
USFDA , WFI H.S. R.O. H.S. R.O. H.S. EDI System < 1 ms/cm
USP, EP, WFI C.S. R.O. H.S. R.O. EDI System < 1 ms/cm
WHO - GMP C.S. R.O. C.S. R.O. EDI System < 1 ms/cm
WHO - PWG C.S. R.O. C.S. R.O. Mix Bed Unit < 2 ms/cm
WHO - PWG C.S. R.O. D.M. Mix Bed Unit < 2 ms/cm

Mineral Water Plant

Pure Water Generation System for high purity water for WHO, GMP, WFI, USP grade supply in Changodar, Ahmedabad

Mineral Water Plant

10000 LPH 1ST Pass & 8000 LPH 2ND PASS R.O. System for Low Conductivity Water feed in Mix Bed & EDI System

Ultra Pure Water Generation System

3.0 M3/Hr Two Pass R.O. System with Ultra-Pure water production for Pharmaceutical factory

Pharmaceutical RO Water System

Hot Water RO System with EDI System for Ultra High Purity Water

Purified Water Generation and Distribution system

Hot Water Subitizable System for USP,EP, WFI (Water For Injection) With USP 25, 26, 27 Standards The Complete Sophisticated Hot Water Senitizable R.O. System for high purity water with Automatic Operation with Sanitary fittings. System is completely in S.S. – 316 high grade materials. The Inbuilt Hot Water generation system will provide immediate Hot Water for Sanitization with Tank and Pump provided with system with all controls and Safety.

Pharmaceutical Water Generation System

It takes an immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Water Generation System. We are engaged in providing high purity water for WHO, GMP, WFI, USP grade purified water. It’s our team’s hard work and offering quality water system, which made us to be leading and developed with huge client base in pharmaceutical industries. Our plants are designed on superior formulations and consist of RO membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and antiscalants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, de-chlorinators and flocculants. Our highly developed formulations have been made especially for the international desalination and reverse osmosis sectors and offer better cost, safety, environmental and operational performance benefits over traditional products.

DM Water Plant for pharmaceutical

2000 LPH Two Pass RO System with EDI System for produce Low Conductivity pure water use in Pharma Industries supply in Zimbabwe

Pharmaceutical RO Plant

1000 LPH Two Pass RO with EDI System with CIP, MGF and softener supply in Vatva, Ahmedabad

Pure Water Generation System

10000 LPH RO system with Ion Pure EDI Module supply in Kheda, Gujarat.

Pharmaceutical Water Generation System Design

R.O. System with D.M. Plant with Mix Bed Unit (M.B. Unit) For GMP, WHO and SCH M for Tablet, Liquid Product.

purified water system in pharmaceutical industry ppt

Mix Bed Plant with uPVC piping and Absolute Filters and U.V. System

purified water generation system in pharmaceutical industry pdf

Pure Water Generation System

GIECL – Most recognized for offering Pure Water Generation System – we care for our customers as Optimal Water intake which is essential for their health. Each and every cells in our body need water to function properly, which is why you must be regularly hydrated throughout the day. Maximum people are aware how important is water intake, but still few are confused over the best type of water to drink. As we are considered to be leading manufacturer and supplier of Pure Water Generation System which has been filtered or processed to remove the impurities like chemicals and other contaminants. It is mainly produced using groundwater or tap water. Every plant is designed with the customer and all the design parameters in minute details and with the same passion and dedication towards building an efficient, safe and consistent system. The compact, package unit design on a stainless steel skid, are specifically adapted to the high TDS water and offers all purification technologies.

The Conventional Water Treatment System for Pharmaceuticals application to produce high quality water for Tablet, Liquid, Process water and equipments washing.

The Raw Water pass through the R.O. System with Cation and Anion Exchanger and further it will pass through the Mix bed Unit which will allow producing the typical < 2 Conductivity water. The High Purity Water will further pass through the 1- & 0.2-micron Absolute Micron Cartridge filter and U.V. System and store into the Close Loop Tank.

The Complete System will be FRP and S.S. only with Pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches and Safety features incorporate with Electric control panel.

Ultra Pure Water Generation System

Mineral Water Plant provides the world’s best water technology products from GIECL and Water System for Unique needs of Indian Pharmaceutical, life sciences and process manufacturing industries – High Purity Water for Pharmaceuticals and Hemodialysis. Mineral Water Plant (GIECL) group designs and constructs many water treatment systems incorporating deionization. The offered systems may produce Ultra Pure Water for the power generation or semiconductor industries, in which ionic contamination is unacceptable, even at extremely low levels. We are providing homogeneous and bespoke Ultra Pure Water Generation System with proven membrane- based technologies, including filtration (UF), reverse osmosis (RO), gas transfer membrane degasification, and continuous electro deionization.

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