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As we are know that right to use of adequate quantities of water for drinking and domestic uses and also for commercial and industrial processes is significant to health and well being. With the growth of world population the availability of the limited quantities of fresh water is decreasing day by day. From 71% of the earth surface water, 97.4% is sea water and 2.6% is fresh water. Giecl the recognized brand engaged in offering Seawater Desalination Plant. With the development of desalination technologies the sea water has become an attention-grabbing water source to survive with fresh water shortage. Seawater is also rich in minerals which have the market interest. Our offered range of Seawater Desalination is the removal process of salt and other impurities from the seawater to produce the fresh water.  Our desalination plants use a (RO) reverse osmosis process. Seawater is pumped into the desalination plant from the ocean and passes through pre-treatment filtration to remove most of the large and small particles.

The pores in the layers are minuscule to the point that salt, microorganisms, infections and different contaminations are isolated from the seawater. Generally they behave like infinitesimal sifters. About portion of the water that enters the plant from the ocean turns out to be crisp drinking water. The salt and different pollutions eliminated from the ocean water are then gotten back to the sea through diffusers, which guarantees it blends rapidly and forestalls affected the marine climate. The desalinated water is then dependent upon additional treatment to satisfy drinking water guidelines before it arrives at our clients. The most generally applied and industrially accessible advancements for ocean water desalination can be partitioned in two sorts: film cycles and warm cycles.